Sunday, October 02, 2005

Welcome to My Vlog!

Click here to view video.

Well I finally did it. I would have thought that my first post would have actually been more clever, maybe even brilliant. I guess the pressure got to me, who knows. I did it though. I have put up my first video on my new vlog taking me into that next wave of cool video and internet technology. I think I am going to enjoy the ride.


Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Maybe a collar on the cats neck, with a branch tied to it, and the ball on the end of that, just out of reach.


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Brett said...

Right on. Are you thinking of following certain characters through the vlog? I'm a documentary filmmaker myself, I like the medium - its sort of a constant doc :)

bullemhead said...

That was a good intro.
Plus, you got the required cat video out of the way early. Although, I wouldn't be against seeing more Orange Cat.

Solynna said...

great, well i guess people are starting to enjoy to wtach and do some cool videos on the web!!

Lynn Lane said...

Thanks everyone for checking out my vlog!!!

aaron...your vlog was one of the first that I checked out when I considered doing a vlog. I loved it.! I will be following a few different people around but you may only see them once or so on here. I'll be checking your vlog out tonight.

bullemhead...I had to get that cat video out of the way. It seems to be a requirement amongst the vloggers.

solynna...thanks for checking my vlog out! I really like what you do on yours.