Thursday, October 20, 2005

J Gutta Interviews Zak the Jeweler

Click here to view video.
I took a stroll down Flatbush Avenue to the Fulton Mall with J Gutta, Hip Hop artist with Ground Up Entertainment, and fellow filmmaker and friend Javier Goin. This little walk took us up into Zak the Jeweler's shop. Zak is a jeweler who has a long history of creating some of the largest "BLING" pieces for Hip Hop Artists today. He stands strong in the hood and has respect from everyone in the community.
This is a short little interview where Zak tells of some of the pieces that he did. I think he may have gotten a bit camera shy because he refers to 50 Cent as 60 Cent. Who knows, maybe 50's a victim of inflation as well?

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