Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time to Revive Docmaker on the Go

Well it has been many months since I last posted on here and it seems that the time has come to revive the ol' "Docmaker on the Go" videoblog, or vlog as it is commonly known on the streets. Originally the function of this vlog was to explore various topics and communities across the country or even world. Somehow along the way, I ended up spending a prolonged period, that was truly amazing, in the boogie down Bronx as well as other areas in and around NYC: The Birthplace of Hip-Hop. I was truly stumped how to make a change on here since so much of this vlog has focussed on the Hip-Hop community and today it hit me. Just do it, just start vlogging again. With that said, I will embark back on the path of my vlog: "Docmaker on the Go". Get ready over the next few weeks, you will see the revival of something that I am truly passionate about, my vlog. I've missed it for quite sometime.