Sunday, October 23, 2005

J Gutta Takes us to the Big Pun Mural in the South Bronx

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J Gutta, Hip Hop Artist with "Ground Up Entertainment" takes us on a tour of the South Bronx. This segment shows Gutta talking about the legendary Big Pun mural painted by the TATS CRU. He relates how when he was incarcerated the music of Big Pun helped him to get through those years.
Originally the Big Pun mural was painted after his untimely death in 2000 by heart attack. It was repainted on February 6, 2001 as a one year memorial. Gutta talks about what Big Pun meant to the Latino Hip Hop community and the fact that he was the first Latino rapper to earn a platinum album wiht his debut album, 1998's "Captial Punishment".
This moment was captured during a session in the South Bronx with my friend and fellow filmmaker: Javier Goin, on one of our expeditions with J Gutta during the production of SKILLZ DVD Magazine which will be released in the near future. If you've followed this vlog at all you will see where I've mentioned this project as well as Javier. We worked together on a few things now and I have convinced him to start his own vlog finally. He should be having something up soon.


vaibhav said...

hey Lynn,
you haven't replied to my earlier comments.

Can I download your videos?

Lynn Lane said...


Sorry for the delay. I think you can download them, not sure. What are you wanting to do with them? Keep watching what I'm putting up, some interesting stuff is about to pop on my vlog. Always feel free to email me as well. You can email me through my profile.