Friday, October 21, 2005

PRIZ1 and STAN1 (Graffiti Writers) Interview

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On this slightly cold and soon to be rainy day here in NYC, I am going to try to bring a little bit of sunshine to my vlog. I'll be taking you back to one of the most beautiful days of this summer where 5 Pointz Graffiti Museum held their semi-annual "Old Timers' Day". This day brings together many legendary Graffiti Writers to produce works on the exterior of the Museum. It sounds odd to say the "exterior" of the museum given that the museum is actually the exterior walls of this building and there is no interior space. With that said and somewhat clarified, I bring you two of the Kings of Broadway, PRIZ1 and STAN1 of The Spanish Five Crew and The No Comp Boys. This interview is only a small part of a larger project that will unfold in another format later.


dskippy said...

I like the ending on this one! I'm excited to see someone with documentary background vlogging. keep it up!

Lynn Lane said...


Thanks for checking out my vlog. This is only the beginning. I will be launching something much more intricate very soon. Right now, I'm just getting a feel for the vlogosphere and all that it has to offer.