Monday, October 24, 2005

J Gutta Takes on the Streets of the South Bronx Again

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Once again we are back in the corner of 183rd and Creston Avenue for a late night session with J Gutta, Hip Hop Artist with Ground Up Entertainment, and his label mate Neva' Snitch. Both guys are joined by Hip Hop Artist and South Bronx native, Bennie Negron. What breaks out is a smooth cypher with all guys at the helm.
Gutta illustrates how these type of late night cyphers are similar to the days of DooWop singing around the fire in a garbage can. It's a great parallel to what today's artists are doing on the corners of every 'hood across this country. This night is great because what we are seeing is raw freestylin' on the streets of the South Bronx, the birthplace of Hip Hop. The rawness of this shot captures the real feeling of the night.
Gutta and Neva' Snitch are true artists in every aspect of the word when it comes to their lyrics. They spit from the heart and tell their stories as how they see life everyday around them. The rawness of this scene also captures the emotions behind each person as they step in front of the camera. My hope also is that the camera allows the viewer to see beyond the lyrics and see the person who creates the music that has influenced an entire generation of youth internationally. Hip Hop is here to stay and Gutta has taken us back to it's birthplace to see how it is still alive on the corners every night.
Tomorrow I will take a step away from the South Bronx and bring you a shot of a legend from the early 70's and truly a great influence on the bBoys of today. I've been staying with a certain theme for the past couple of weeks but I will depart from the Hip Hop genre soon into another style of on the street interviews. I will however continue to bring this vlog and it's audience interviews and clips of life in NYC including the Hip Hop culture and it's inhabitants.


bottomunion said...

Definitely enjoying these.
Just stepping back and letting
the camera record action...which
there is plenty of. I have a feeling
you're sitting on a lot of vlog gold.
Looking forward to seeing all of it.

Lynn Lane said...

Thanks for checking my vlog out! I've been a subscriber of your vlog since I began this thing. I post a new video up every day for the most part and will be dropping some very interesting ones over the next few days.