Tuesday, October 11, 2005

bBoy Kris Luna Interview

Click here to view video.

Following up from the last video I loaded on my vlog, I am bringing you another interview shot from that same bBoy session. This time it is with bBoy Kris Luna of the Dead End Crew (NYC). Kris is deadly on the floor and has some serious "Hollow Backs", an impressive bBoy dance move.

A little more on how this session came about:

This summer I embarked on a new project with a fellow filmmaker, Javier Goin. This project started out as a documentary film of sorts but slowly evolved into what has become a DVD magazine called SKILLZ DVD Magazine. The journey has been a great one and we have met some truly interesting people from the pioneers of hip hop like Kool Herc, Grandmaster Caz, Grand Wizzard Theodore to bands like the Sugar Hill Gang, Melle Mel, Drag-On of Ruff Ryders Records, to contemporary people in the Hip Hop world. It's truly been great. The project takes on a positive approach to this genre of music and culture. Too often what is associated with Hip Hop is a negative image. We attempt to show the positive with a strong leaning towards the history of the music and educating those who look at what we are doing.

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