Wednesday, October 19, 2005

bBoy Joon Interview

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Today's installment in my vlog is a short interview / shout-out shot during the Summer of 2005 with bBoy Joon. This interview was conducted during the shooting of a bBoy (breakdancing) session at a park in Queens with many legendary NYC bBoy Crews including Brooklyn Rhythm Crew, Zulu Nation, Dead End Crew, etc. bBoy Joon is one of the nicest guys around and has helped me on another shoot that I did with friend and fellow filmmaker: Javier Goin. This interview is also a part of the much larger project that Javier and I have been working on called SKILLZ DVD Magazine that covers the four elements of Hip Hop: Graffiti, MCs, DJs and bBoys. At the end of his short statement, you will see bBoy Joon dancing as well as some moves by bBoy Joe Banana of the Dead End Crew and bBoy Eric of the Brooklyn Rhythm Crew.
If you've followed my vlog so far, you've seen a few clips from various shoots for SKILLZ. As the vlog unfolds I will move into other territory and show clips from various projects that I am working on outside of the vlog world as well as vlog specific projects. I am currently working on a larger vlog based work which I am hoping to launch soon. Until then, onward and upward with "Docmaker on the Go". Thanks for checking out what I'm doing and please leave me some feedback.

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