Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time to Revive Docmaker on the Go

Well it has been many months since I last posted on here and it seems that the time has come to revive the ol' "Docmaker on the Go" videoblog, or vlog as it is commonly known on the streets. Originally the function of this vlog was to explore various topics and communities across the country or even world. Somehow along the way, I ended up spending a prolonged period, that was truly amazing, in the boogie down Bronx as well as other areas in and around NYC: The Birthplace of Hip-Hop. I was truly stumped how to make a change on here since so much of this vlog has focussed on the Hip-Hop community and today it hit me. Just do it, just start vlogging again. With that said, I will embark back on the path of my vlog: "Docmaker on the Go". Get ready over the next few weeks, you will see the revival of something that I am truly passionate about, my vlog. I've missed it for quite sometime.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Papa Wu (WuTangClan), ODB's Mom and Greta Hunter Interview

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This clip was shot backstage at the "Annual Raising of Kings and Queens Day" in the Bronx this past Summer. In this clip, Papa Wu of the WuTangClan and Cherry Jones, ODB's Mom, talk about Hip-Hop and the need to bring it back to the Bronx where it all began.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Graffiti Legend: ROLLEO Interview at 5-Pointz

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This short clip came about last year at "Old Timer's Day" at 5 Pointz Graffiti Museum in NYC. ROLLEO was a legend on the trains back in the day. Here we get a chance to see him working on a piece at the Museum, goofing all with Graffiti Legend: BLADE, signing a kid's black book as well as talking a bit about his history.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Graffiti Legend: WINE-149 Interview at 5-Pointz

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This interview was shot at 5 Pointz Graffiti Museum in NYC at the "Old Timers" day this past year. WINE gives a great interview and shares his history and view on graffiti writers of today and the past.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"DONZ" Crew Spittin' Rhymes in a Cypher in Latimer Projects, Queens, NY

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I'm back on the streets of New York City where I live, the birth place of Hip-Hop. This time I'm with my friend and fellow filmmaker, Javier Goin as we take on the Latimer Projects in Queens, NY. We are working on our joint project SKILLZ DVD Magazine capturing a hot "Off the Head" Cypher where 3 underground Hip-Hop Artists from the DONZ Crew spit some solid rhymes. They are: Nutrageous, Ron and Semi-Automatic.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"TREE" Spittin' Rhymes in the Y-O!

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Once again I hit the road with SKILLZ DVD Magazine, a project that I did with my friend and fellow filmmaker, Javier Goin. This time we were in the Y-O, that's Yonkers, NY if you didn't know already from previous posts. We had a bit of a cypher jumping off on the Ravine Road. It was a crazy night with some serious lyrical skills being brandished on the boom. Here's a short clip that highlights the big man "TREE", part of the infamous "Gangsta' Click".

Monday, February 27, 2006

Nutrageous and Semi-Automatic Freestylin' in Queens Projects

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This clip captures another moment in the Latimer Gardens Public Housing Projects in Queens, NY with SKILLZ DVD Magazine on the beat. SKILLZ is a project that was conceived by Lynn Lane and Javier Goin one afternoon at a Starbucks Coffee shop talking about filmmaking and the need to document the 4 elements of Hip-Hop and the base that they came from, the streets of New York City. In this clip, SKILLZ takes it to Legendary underground Hip-Hop artist: Nutrageous and he sets off a cypher with his "DONZ" Crew, this time with Nut and Semi-Automatic demonstrating their lyrical skills in both English and Spanish. The cypher was hot and spilled out into the night.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ron of "DONZ Crew" Spittin' Rhymes in Queens, NY

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This was another day spent on the beat shooting for our project SKILLZ DVD Magazine. This time we are in the housing projects of Queens, NY filming one of the hottest Underground Hip-Hop Artists in Queens known as "Nutrageous". This clip comes from a cypher that was set off and captures RON in a freestyle.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hip-Hop Artist: Nutrageous Takes it to the Streets with Some Freestyle Skillz

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This past year was an amazing year for me. I had the opportunity to see some of the greatest Underground talent out there. One guy who really stood out as a serious lyrical master was an underground sensation from Queens, NY: Nutrageous. This guy is able flow off of the top of the head on any subject that comes in his line of site when on and off the mic. This interview and freestyle was from a session in a Housing Project in Queens this past year shot for SKILLZ DVD Magazine.

Friday, February 24, 2006

"Large Amount" Spits Rhymes in the Y-O!

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It was another late night for SKILLZ DVD Magazine as we pulled up on Ravine Road in the Y-O, Yonkers where we met up with Hip-Hop Artist: Large Amount. It was a crazy off the head session with LM spittin' some serious lyrical flow. SKILLZ DVD Magazine is a project by Lynn Lane and Javier Goin that explores the 4 elements of Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop culture. It revolved around interviews with some of the legends of Hip-Hop in all 4 elements: MC, DJ, bBoys and Graf Writers. This night was especially nice as it captured that moment of the Hip-Hop artist on the street with his crew spittin' rhymes and showing the love he has for his friends as well as the loyalty to his block.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

OG from the YO Spittin' Rhymes with the "Gangsta' Click"

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This shot was from another wild night up on Ravine in the YO (Yonkers) on a shoot for SKILLZ DVD Magazine. We were there to shoot "Large Amount" but this Legendary OG rolled up and spit some solid rhymes. He's spit with DMX and Jadakiss in the past so he's definitely got respect in the YO and he's in tight with the Gangsta' Click. SKILLZ DVD Magazine will be dropping in the next couple of weeks and you can see more of this as well as other videos from Hip-Hop legends as well as hot new artists. For more videos check out Docmaker on the Go!