Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Visit to "Tributary Records" Recording Studio in the South Bronx

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This was an impromptu visit to the "Tributary Records" Recording Studio in the South Bronx. We were out on the streets one night shooting for the forthcoming SKILLZ DVD Magazine when we decided to drop in on Mohammad, the engineer at Tributary Records. Mohammad had Hip Hop Artist: Fugitive, in the studio that night and they both give us their perspective on Hip Hop today and today's labels. Fugitive spits a rhyme as well of the head at the end. Thanks goes out to "From the Ground Up" Records and their Hip Hop Artist: J Gutta for making this night a possibility.

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Jason said...

Hello how are you. I am the father of the 12 year old girl that came to your studio last week on Thursday.Fugitive was there, and Mohammad, and Rashid was there. My name is Jason. We were brought by Aishaah. I forgot to give Rashid my direct phone number. Cell phone 201-832-7865. Call me ASAP.