Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Interview with Graffiti Legend: FARGO

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This interview was shot at "5 POINTZ: An Institution of Higher Burning" (Graffiti Museum in NYC). The event going off was "Old Timers' Day" and the legends were out in full force. My project SKILLZ DVD Magazine was there in full effect talking with all the Old School Graf Writers. This short clip captures a moment with Graffiti Legend: FARGO. He began his career in 1973 writing on the trains and still writes today. Sit back and enjoy a trip back in time with FARGO.

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Francisco Daum said...

Thanks for stopping in my vlog. Great camera work.

Lynn Lane said...

francisco....thanks for stopping by. I'll definitely be watching to see what you do.

Bill Streeter said...

nice one. It's cool to see where the old timers go.

Lynn Lane said...

bill...thanks for checking it out. I'll be bringing more old timers out very soon.