Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Annual Melrose Projects Family Day" in the South Bronx

Click here to watch video.

This day was a truly high energy, slammin' fun time to be had by all in attendance at the "Annual Melrose Projects Family Day". There were DJs spinnin' on the wheels of steel, kids in the park dancing, parents outdoors cooking and sharing in this glorious energy. This moment takes you back to what living in New York City and especially the South Bronx was like back in the day. It was filled with family, joy and good times all poppin' off to a deep rooted soundtrack of Soul and Old School Hip-Hop. This video helps to capture and preserve some of what was this year's "Melrose Projects Family Day". A big thanks goes out to "From the Ground Up" Productions and Hip Hop Artist: J Gutta for helping to make this possible.

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