Friday, November 04, 2005

Interview with Hip Hop Artist: BIG DUBEZ of the Sporty Thievz

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It was after a late night interview in Ruff Ryders' Studio doing interviews with my project SKILLZ DVD Magazine that we, myself: Lynn Lane and my partner in crime for the shoot Javier Goin, had the great opportunity to be invited over to BIG DUBEZ's, originially from the group: Sporty Thievz, studio in Yonkers for a late night interview and cypher that jumped off with some of his artists. This clip highlights a bit of the interview and then some of BIG DUBEZ spittin' some rhymes. It's definitely a solid night in his new studio as the talent was thick. They will always be remembered for their runaway major label hit "No Pigeons" which skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

The hip-hop trio Sporty Thievz comprised former Wrecking Crew members King Kirk (a.k.a. Thieven Stealberg) and Big Dubez (a.k.a. Safecracker) in collaboration with Marlon Brando (a.k.a. Robin Hood); signing to the Ruffhouse label, the group debuted in 1998 with Street Cinema. Marlon Brando was taken from this earth at far to early of an age from a tragic accident on a sidewalk in NYC. Big Dubez still pay homage to his friend every moment that he can. Here is a little excerpt from Marlon Brando, a.k.a. Robin Hood's obituary:

"The Yonkers, N.Y.-based Brando, who also went by the additional nom de hip-hop Robin Hood, died of internal bleeding after he was struck Thursday by a car that jumped the curb after hitting a median on Fordham Road in the North Bronx. He was 22 years old.

According to witnesses, Brando pulled a child out of the oncoming car's path before himself receiving the impact that knocked him to the ground. Brando then rose to his feet for a moment and then sat down complaining of pain and dizziness before he was rushed to a hospital, they also observed. The easy-going Brando was known as a charitable, spiritual, and good-natured soul to friend and colleagues.

"That's the kind of guy he was, real cool guy," said Lee "Leethal" Wren, lead producer for Doom Entertainment, who attended high school in Yonkers with Brando and collaborated on projects with the Sporty Thievz rapper for the Yonkers-based production company. "We showed Doom much love, ridiculous love. He told me that if there anything we needed from him to let know. We were about to have him work with my artists [Yonkers mic-controllers] Phil Blunts and Khoury Planet.

"All Marlon ever wanted to do was get on. When Khoury would see on the bus, that's all they'd ever talk about. He'd tell Khoury, you're gonna get on. It's not gonna happen in a hurry, but it'll happen."

Brando's Sporty Thievz kinsman King Kirk, aka Stealin' Spielberg, and Big Dubez, aka Safecracker, were reportedly devastated by the news of Brando's death. R&B crooner Kibwe Dorsey, who sang the hook on Sporty Thievz's 1999 runaway, major label hit "No Pigeons" and who recorded with Brando for the Yonkers-based do-it-yourself independent label Gold & Platinum Records, Dorsey's former manager Jumaane Driver acknowledged. Brando appears on Dorsey's underground hit single "Sunshine and Moonlight."

"It hit me real hard when I heard about it," Driver said. "Out of all of Sporty Thievz, he's the one I respected the most. He was a hard-working brother and he deserved better than what happened to him at Columbia [getting dropped with the group from the label]." "

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93mm said...

love what you doing.

Lynn Lane said...

Thanks for checking out the videos. If you like what you are seeing now, stay tuned, this is just getting started! I'll definitely check your vlog out as well.

ChrisV said...

does anyone remember this record that king kurt put out around like 98/99..around the same time when sporty thieves was getting airplay. it might have been a white label 12". the chorus went something like - 'what the fuck i look like...'
real catchy song that i was surprised never blew up