Monday, November 14, 2005

Interview with Drag-On of Ruff Ryders Records in the Studio

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This was another great day up in the "Y-O". The "Y-O", a.k.a. Yonkers, is home to Ruff Ryders Recording Studio where on this day we caught up with Hip Hop Artist Drag-On during the recording of his forthcoming CD. This is a short clip from a much longer interview coming soon on SKILLZ DVD Magazine. Here Drag-On gives a little of his history with the label, his battle with DMX and speaks on the state of Hip Hop today compared to yesterday.

Here's a short bio on Drag-On as taken from the "All Music Guide" and written by Stacia Proefrock.

"East Coast rapper Drag-On had a long and profitable history in the background of hardcore rap albums; contributing to projects like DMX's two multi-platinum albums, Ruff Ryders' "Ryde or Die, Vol. 1", DJ Clue?'s The Professional, and several compilations and soundtracks. In early 2000, he released his first solo album, Opposite of H2O, which brought him up to the forefront and showcased his talent for laid-back, slippery grooves and thug rhymes."

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johnie said...

Good work Lynn. Love your vlogs.


Lynn Lane said...


Thanks for checking out my vlog!


Bill Streeter said...

A stuttering rapper. I dig it.

Lynn Lane said...

bill...Drag-On is a beast on the mic. He only stutters during interviews/talking not when spitting rhymes. It's amazing actually.

Anonymous said...

can't wait until the album drops.....drag-on's #1 fan