Thursday, November 03, 2005

Interview with DJ Lightnin' Lance: Hip Hop Pioneer

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DJ Lightnin' Lance is beyond what you would call a pioneer in the Hip Hop game. He was the first DJ to ever record a scratch on vinyl. The scratch was invented by Grand Wizard Theodore but the first time it was ever recorded was in 1980 on the record "The Live Convention". He gives the history it's recording and how it came about.

This interview was shot in the South Bronx at the 5th Annual Raising Kings and Queens Concert. It was an amazing day. Along side DJ Lightnin' Lance are Hip Hop Legends: Tre Dee and Grand Master Ant. Grand Master Ant was the original DJ of The Cold Crush Brothers.

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Paul Knight said...

Class act, hard to follow, I am sure, but with this catalogue of America's finest Afro-American artists, and the fact that you must live pretty close, I am sure you come up with something else just as amazing soon. Keep up the good work man, peace!

Lynn Lane said...


Thanks for following my vlog. The vlog will be taking some turns over the next few weeks with various interviews that will depart slightly from the current flow but I will always include this groove in my vlog. I'm a huge fan of your videos and love what you did with the singing cat!