Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Interview with Black Miss: Hip Hop Artist

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This interview with Black Miss, Hip Hop artist with Dice Entertainment, was shot this summer at an amazing outdoor event in the South Bronx. It was truly one of the greatest outdoor events I had attended this year. The music was lively with artist like Black Miss herself giving amazing performances. The food was spectacular with families set up all along the area sharing their goods. If you ever want to feel what it feels like when an entire community comes together to have a great time, visit one of the many gatherings in the South Bronx and you will see what fun truly can be. Everyone is accepted irrespective of race, creed, color or gender. It is a good time for everyone in attendance.
Black Miss gave an exceptional performance during the show and afterwards granted me this interview for my SKILLZ DVD Magazine project that I have talked about a few times during this vlog. After her interview she shows a little of what Black Miss is made of with a little spittin' of some rhymes. She is truly a Queen amongst Queens in the rap game.

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