Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Papa Wu (WuTangClan), ODB's Mom and Greta Hunter Interview

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This clip was shot backstage at the "Annual Raising of Kings and Queens Day" in the Bronx this past Summer. In this clip, Papa Wu of the WuTangClan and Cherry Jones, ODB's Mom, talk about Hip-Hop and the need to bring it back to the Bronx where it all began.


jonny goldstein said...

Hey Lynn,

Thanks so much for coming to speak to our group of young video and audio bloggers at the the Evander Childs campus in the Bronx yesterday.

They really appreciated your respect for hip hop culture and your willingness to share your experience as a media maker.

The BX21 project hopes to prepare students for future careers, so it was great for them to see how someone likes you ties videoblogging into the rest of his work life.

You are welcome back any time!

Paul Knight said...

Hiya Lynn,

I am going to Vloggercon2006 in San Francisco....
But I may need a few dollars, I am begging on my knees for a little small change, visit my site and we may even meet.

Paul Knight

Marco said...

living in hawaii I can't relate much on this kind of music but I do like the way you tell the story and I do like the way you use the DVX 100. I also have the PAN camera and was wondering what kind of set up you use or probably is all done in post. Can you share how you get such a good mistic picture? I bet you use composite effect on FCP, or some other tricks, anyway good job.