Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"DONZ" Crew Spittin' Rhymes in a Cypher in Latimer Projects, Queens, NY

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I'm back on the streets of New York City where I live, the birth place of Hip-Hop. This time I'm with my friend and fellow filmmaker, Javier Goin as we take on the Latimer Projects in Queens, NY. We are working on our joint project SKILLZ DVD Magazine capturing a hot "Off the Head" Cypher where 3 underground Hip-Hop Artists from the DONZ Crew spit some solid rhymes. They are: Nutrageous, Ron and Semi-Automatic.


Anonymous said...

graffiti sono COOL!!

Anonymous said...

mi chiamo Anna H..Z(vado alla Marco Polo di Fabriano),ki lo sta leggendo ha capito ki sono!volevo dire una cosa: mi piacciono tanto i graffiti!!!!!