Thursday, December 08, 2005

Buddha Bride Spits a Rhyme on the Streets of the South Bronx

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It was a crazy interview session goin' off that day on the streets of the South Bronx. We had J Gutta, Un, and Buddha Bride on the corner droppin' tons of knowledge that day on all subjects from gang violence, the history of Hip-Hop to life in the inside as well as on the outside of the incarceration system. In this clip, Hip-Hop Artist: Buddha Bride, spits a serious freesyle with mad flow.


93mm said...

shorty can SPIT!

jonny goldstein said...

I'm loving these J. Gutta segments. Each one is cool in it's own way.

LadyJay said...

Hi! J Gutta or as i Call you Papi Morenito, and you better know who this is LOL. Just wanted to let you know that i'am proud of you,and it's nice to know that your doing positive things out there in the community. May god bless you and the FinalBeat Family keep up the good work. And for ms. buddha bride "You Go Girl"